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Grades or Classes of Apartments: What They Mean and How To Choose?

The grade or type of an apartment is often not thought of as matter of serious concern before the decision to purchase a property is made. Is the grade of an apartment important? What is an apartment grade and why should it matter? At the conclusion of this very short write-up, we should have an […]

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A Traffic Disaster Gaining Momentum: Is Lekki The Future Apapa of Lagos State or Worse?

In chapter 2 of a report titled, Traffic Congestion and Reliability, Trends and Advanced Strategies for Congestion Mitigation,  prepared by the United States Department of Transportation under the Federal Highway Administration, traffic congestion was defined thus: “Congestion is relatively easy to recognize—roads filled with cars, trucks, and buses, sidewalks filled with pedestrians. The definitions of […]

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The Ikoyi Collapse: Its Effect on The Perception of Real Estate Development and Developers in Lagos: The Way Forward

“It was the opposite of grand, but it was my first true home of my own and I was mightily proud. A man is not a man until he has a house of his own.” Nelson Mandela (Long Walk to Freedom)   Housing Deficit and the Nigerian Reality: No Pun Intended! In an article entitled […]

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